Nanowrimo 2015 – The sort of finish line

November 23, 2015 Leave a comment

50 063 words.

50 063 words according to Open Office.

I’ve been fooled before. MS Office gives a different tale.

48 767 words.

It was the same deal in 2013 when I won. I finished, celebrated, opened the novel in Word at my job and almost swallowed my tongue as my gleeful laughter retreated down my throat.

Blood was spilled that day. Well, I drank my coffee with a slightly faster pace, but you understand the scene. Let me tell you, there was a bunch of hard key-presses that day. Oh yes.

This year I wont believe the 50 063 taunting me. I will write until it
says 53 000. Then and only then will I check the word count in Word and send in my novel to be officially counted.

I say good day!

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The peculiar movement of time when writing

November 17, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve had this sense when writing lately. Every day I write for what feels like hours. I have a mountain of words. Maybe I wrote for days? I check the clock. Less that an hour. I check the word count. 403 words. How? I scream silently in the way that only crazy people and writers do. I poke a finger at the world. You’re not getting me this time. I keep writing. It feels like 30 minutes. I can’t take it anymore. I check the clock. 90 minutes. I check the word count. 1757 words.

Time and words move slow in the beginning and speeds up at the end. That is the only viable solution. It might be the famous flow that I’ve read about. That I’m simply in the moment, the engine has warmed up, I’m engrossed in the story.

No, time shift and word warping. That’s the answer.

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The inevitable slow dip

November 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve been writing every day. Every day slower than the last. Today was the turning point of the inevitable slow dip. Day 7 is always the worst. This is the fight or flight day. I have the same thing when I’m running. It’s the 1k hump. If I make it over the hump it’s usually no problem after that. With writing I guess after day 7 I have enough story to find ways to finish it. Two days ago I wrote around 400 words. Today I wrote 3000.

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New personal best: 7345 words in a day

November 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Nine hours of writing. 7345 words written. Well on my way to win NaNoWriMo 2015. For those in the non-know, finishing NaNoWriMo is considered winning NaNoWriMo. A personal best. I was going for 10k, but writing fatigue, attention seeking dogs and life in general flooded in. Next year or even next weekend perhaps. My wife will be sucked into coding and her new job, so it’s a perfect time to write. Last NaNoWriMo took something like 14 days. Why not aim for ten days, this time?

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Blood flows on the streets of Amergath

November 1, 2015 Leave a comment

Yesterday as I was gearing up for NaNoWriMo 2015 I ran into a problem, as one does when choosing to enter NaNoWriMo 2015. A map I had previously scribbled down on a piece of paper to keep track of neighborhoods and street names was gone. I had used this map in 2013 for a previous novel and since this story takes place in the same city, it was kind of important. Lost in transit between my apartment and my house, thrown away, hidden under a stack of unsorted maybe important papers. Who knows. I couldn’t find it and I lost steam. Maybe I wouldn’t compete this year? Maybe I would give up before I even wrote a single line. Well, I mean, I had the plot figured out. Might as well write the first page.

Boom! First line down and suddenly I was inspired. I scrolled through my NaNoWriMo 2013 novel, picking out names and places, redrawing the map.

Now, two hours in on my NaNoWriMo experience, I’m at 1755 words, I have a map, I have a plot and most importantly, I have a cup of coffee.

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The butler did it

October 20, 2015 Leave a comment

I’m trying to invent a complicated plot for NaNoWriMo 2015, but so far I end up with simple tricks and deus ex machina solutions.

The plot so far: Three noble families battle for lucrative war contracts. The emperor’s army is always hungry for new ways to slay the dreaded Vaettir. A daughter of a chief engineer is found dead in the poor district. The Mecanii family hires Kelward and Bow Investigation Service to find out who killed her. The war machine productions of both the Mecanii and the Starwan family suffers a mayor setback. The poor district, where their factories are located, is rocked by violence and blockades due to the rough nature of the police as they search the neighborhood for the guilty. Both families suspect the Roostas family, since their factories are outside the poor district.

So far I feel the twists and turns are a little too obvious. I’m currently writing and re-writing the plot. 11 days to go.

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Same procedure as last year – NaNoWriMo 2015

October 16, 2015 Leave a comment

For Nanowrimo 2015 I will use the same tactics that I did in 2013. I will divide the 50000 words into 25 chapters. 2000 words per chapter. A chapter can be longer, but never shorter. I will write a reward list for different objectives, like 10000 words, 25000 words etc. I will start November 1 with a mad dash, trying to get to 10000 words as quickly as I possibly can. If I’m not mistaken my last writing record was 6693 words in one day.

Let’s aim for 7000 this time.

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